Holistic – a term that implies taking into consideration the whole of where or what a thing is; like the context of a word that forms the meaning of the word, not just the word alone or a a lake that affects the environment around it seemingly invisibly, subtly, yet you know that if it were not there, the land and life around it would be diminished. Such understanding of a lake can be called holistic.

Emergent – when you understand something through your your own experience and not from descriptive words or instructions. When you put two and two together and discover that it becomes a four after you have learned to count from one to ten and not because somebody told you that the result is four.

Awareness – the ability to notice things and entities around you and including them into your daily thoughts and actions.

Saiyan – a noun used also as an adjective that describes or ascribes a very powerful transformative moment of inspiration.