This is the frequently asked questions section. A question qualifies if I have heard it at least five times.

Q: How did you come up with such an idea?

A: I wasn`t sure what I was doing for most of the time up until the summer of 2015, but I think the idea has been in my subconscious for something like 12 years. It sometimes came up in all kinds of unintelligible forms, it never was something clear – like a dream that you remember the feeling of. When I saw the VR and neuro-technology emerge into public domain, it all kind of coalesced into one.

Q: Isn’t it dangerous?

A: No. It is completely safe, using non-intrusive and non-stimulating EEG methods.

Q: Such things exist though, right?

A: Yes, there exist electrodes that can be placed under your scalp or in your skull so that the proximity to the brain provides a better neuro-activity reading resolution, as well as provide a direct electrical stimuli to controlled areas of neuron clusters. I am, however, strongly against using anything intrusive, as I do not have the qualification, nor can I endorse it ideologically. The BCI that I use is used only as an input mechanic and does not stimulate or affect the brain in any direct manner.

Q: So this is not about creating the Borg and enslaving mankind to the machine?

A: No, my project is focused entirely on experiential entertainment values and does not seek to establish computer control over the brain at any level.