About the Project

The idea.

The project Dawn combines virtual reality with a brain-computer interface, providing the player with a dynamic environment responsive to thought.

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become”


The game aspect.

Games have been an inseparable part of any culture of any known civilisation to date. I, for one, believe that games can alleviate most conflicts and misunderstandings in a manner similar to allegory in literature. A thing that conveys a story about some other ‘real’ thing and provides perspective by a way of expression and not content. Much like one who has not experienced the modern conventional gaming activities, or if you imagine any person of that corresponding age – that person might also have not had played a lot of games of that time, there is always an aspect of skill. Be it a skill of jumping higher or hiding from others, climbing trees or pressing buttons. These would be just some among the reactive body and mind skills necessary to perform in one game or another. The ability to exert control over your brain activities can be viewed just as such – a new skill that directly correlates with the ability to perform and much like any other skill – it can also be purposefully trained.

“But, though both labour and rest are necessary, yet the latter is preferable to the first; and by all means we ought to learn what we should do when at rest: for we ought not to employ that time at play; for then play would be the necessary business of our lives. But if this cannot be, play is more necessary for those who labour than those who are at rest: for he who labours requires relaxation; which play will supply: for as labour is attended with pain and continued exertion, it is necessary that play should be introduced, under proper regulations, as a medicine: for such an employment of the mind is a relaxation to it, and eases with pleasure.”


The concept specifics.

The environment gives the user the ability to establish meaningful control over certain areas and objects. Said control comes in degrees of activity strength.

‘Meaningful’ here means that the game-play mechanics that can be controlled by your brain activity are not arbitrary. These are universal activity patterns that every human brain can perform under the right circumstances. As you might expect, the main circumstance being – yourself. Even the simplest tasks, such as relaxation and focus does not come the same easy way for everyone thus the element of learning.