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Where I`ve been and where I`m going.

For the last two years I have been working in the mobile games industry and developing the project on the side.

At the beginning of September the company I was working for closed down due to too big initial scope and I realized that the timing was perfect – I moved to a different city to develop ‘Touched’ full time in a business incubator and to try and form it into a viable product.

Last week I finally started showcasing ‘Touched’ publicly and despite the fact that the first demo suddenly refused to even start up the hardware and the second one broke the headset, there was a lot of genuine interest and thank god I had a plan B. For an alpha test of a self-implemented fringe technology I’d say it went alright.

For me, speaking in front of public does not come easy so it was pretty intense. Although I do believe that whenever you are afraid of doing something, it is often a good indicator that you should try and do it. I was fascinated by the response and interest that people showed and all of it really helped me to look at what I’m doing from a different perspective – all of the critical points lit up and reminded me of what’s important.

At the very start I knew that I will be knocking on many doors that will stay closed, and I feel like this one is the first that has opened.

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